Christmas day…

we had Christmas Candlelight service last night in church, but since my dear husband was at work, i decided to stay home, and listen to Charles Swindoll’s Christmas eve message, “Unwrapping the gift”  (click title to go to the site) and have my own quiet time.

giving, exchanging gifts have been mostly mainly the theme of Christmas year after year. it is when we take our time to go shopping, to pick the best present to give, or buying anything “just for the spirit” of giving.

what gifts did you get? hmmm, first, let us see what kinds of gifts there are.
as recipients, we receive gifts we don’t like, or don’t need… or gifts we will love. as givers, we give gifts just because, or give because we want to make the receiver happy, because we love them..


isnt it such joy if we give something and it is truly appreciated? and vise versa, if we receive something and we are so happy to have it? my dear sister gifted me with my very first iPod nano (first generation they call it) 8 Christmases ago, and believe it or not, now there are nth generation iPods, but i still am using the one she gave me!! and i always tell her that. i’m sure it does make her feel so appreciated.

what about those gifts stored in my closet? or “recycled” meaning i, in turn, gifted it to somebody else? of course we won’t tell the giver that he he.. lest we hurt their feelings.

imagine how God feels if He is the giver of the gift we keep in our closet or the one we give away because we don’t need it. He gave us the GIFT OF ALL GIFTS, and we tend to forget that even on Christmas Day… but, God said, “my grace is sufficient for you…” despite we forget, we give it away, we turn our backs on the gift He sent us, He still accepts us and still takes care of all our needs.


with this in mind, maybe i will correct my attitude and learn to appreciate the gifts i receive whether or not i want them.. and if ever i “recycle” SHARE the gift, i make sure it is given to someone i love and whom i know will have better use for it. that being said, i am sharing with you the best gift i have ever had from God, the gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, and i received it today, Christmas day… 🙂  

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15



One thought on “GIFT OF ALL GIFTS…

  1. Hi malou!!!! cool blog! Nats here… i got your message on our blogsite. do you still have the same email ad? hope to talk to you soon? Merry Christmas!!!! Happy New Year! besos!

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