oh yeah, life goes on…

i received an email this morning. it was from my friend breaking the news about their failed attempt to have a baby. this was what she wrote: 

“Friends, sad news, embryo transfer didn’t push through. everything is gone now….need to continue what life is for us…acceptance”.

i feel for her, because we, me and husband, have gone through the same, except that, we didn’t do the in vitro thing like my friends did, just the natural way, and we failed many times. the high hopes, the dreams we had of raising kids, imagine me bringing little “Beatrice” to school, or my husband, shooting hoops with playful “Byron”… but all this never happened.

watched another episode of “Chopped”… one competing chef, after having been chopped from the race, simply said, “i have no regrets, no room for regrets, we all have to move on”…

how should i deal with my failures and regrets? i say simply bury them, leave them behind and move forward. i know it is easier said than done because i struggle moving on A LOT. this is one best playground for the devil to play with us and once we give in to his lure into getting involved in the play,, we are doomed.

good thing is that i still have my faith in God. yes there are mornings i don’t feel like getting up, but thinking that this day, too, will be over, then i get up and do the most i can to get on with life.

this song, “Jack and Diane”, by John Cougar Mellencamp, has a different story, but it has been playing on my mind since this morning after reading my friend’s email:



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