you may now kiss the bride…

Celebrated our wedding anniversary last night..

here is a short video of my first kiss as a Mrs., 19 years ago:

okay okay now, ours is, yes a marriage planned in heaven but is a relationship processed on earth.  so expect earthly problems to have occurred and yes we have gone through grave situations… but, through it all, God has been our “glue” and our “bridge” to cross the hurdles together, or the bridge in between us that conflicts were not left unresolved.

for the past 19 years, i can say, we are a normal earthly couple, plagued with fits of jealousy, untruthfulness, financial woes, boredom, desperation to have children, and also, sprinkled with laughter, foolishness, longing, understanding, acceptance of each other’s faults…

for those celebrating with us their wedding anniversary, maybe blissful or otherwise, all i can say is,, Congratulations and hang in there, we are all “in process” for a better place, and for whatever we go through, it is what God sends us and He makes sure we all can go through it as long as we invite Him to be a major part of the entire process we call the marriage. try Him, it will all be worth it. 🙂

“It’s not the morning, not the easy times
That I have proven my heart
It’s when I see that the darkness
Can’t tear us apart
Joy is the light of the morning hours
Love brings the darkness to dawn…

After the sunset,
After the colors have faded into the night
He brought the stars in shining in full
And we knew it was not just the night
Oh I loved you

-AFTER THE SUNSET by Debbie McNeil



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