Just when I need it!

hey it’s October!!! time flies so quickly don’t you think so?

October is another special month for me.
1. it is our wedding month šŸ™‚ we’ll be into our 19th year of being married and that’ll be another story later.
2. my 3 years anniversary of being first-hand-smoke free!! well, er, unfortunately, i get second hand smoke from… people.. but at least, I kicked the habit and am holding on..
3. i am into my 9th month of being a stay at home wifey.. and still enjoying it so far.

so, now let’s get to my subject for today….

iPhone tool

have you seen this small tool used to remove the SIM card from iPhones? my husband recently got himself his new model phone, therefore that makes me the recipient of his older iPhone, and when i was about to get this tiny tool to take off the SIM card, i could not find it where i kept it.. i trust my memory so much that i cannot figure out how and why that now i need it the most, i just could not find it! why oh why???

image from http://legacyccc.com/2011/03/jerry-sharpless-i-found-it-asia/

years ago, i think i was in grade school yet, there was a campaign of sorts going around where they posted bills everywhere or bumper stickers that said “I FOUND IT!” i am not sure who started this campaign, (i read somewhere it was the Campus Crusade for Christ) but what was it all about? it was about finding GOD and the campaign was created to lead people to finding Jesus Christ. Ā 

how do i relate this with my ordinary earthly life? well, it sure feels good to find what we are looking for. it is much harder to keep on looking and never finding.. but what about keeping what we have found? it depends on our priorities and how important the find is.

as for me, i found Jesus in my life and He is for keeps, not just when i need Him.. besides He is always around for me, whether i need Him or not. That is my greatest comfort, and He can never be replaced.

As for that small tool for the iPhone, it will show up one day, when i don’t need it, i’m sure, but for now, the paper clip did the job…

“But if from there you seekĀ theĀ LordĀ your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heartĀ and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29



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