it’s over???

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

i finally did it! my very first half marathon, and i feel great!

we headed to the venue about 45 minutes early from gunstart. this is my first time to join a real run event here in Canada and people are not as “agog” as we are back home, or more apt to say, much more inhibited… me and my running partner, Blynn, whispered a short prayer before anything else, thanking God for the opportunity to mingle and for the strength and stamina.

at the onset, our pace was unexpectedly fast probably because we got used to running the uphill course when we did our training, this time, there are more flats and downhill than uphill. so it is good for me, in a way, for a first timer, i can have a great finish time and put my training to very good use :).

i “categorized” my iPod music to three parts, which i intended to change every 1/3 of the distance.. first part will be for my Praise and Worship music, it is the time when i browsed through my mind for all the people i would like to pray for, to remember my thanksgiving to the Lord, and just to Praise Him through music… second part is,, ahem, i decided to choose all BeeGees (and Andy Gibb) songs, be it their love song or their disco music… i love it when i run to SPICKS AND SPECKS i love the piano intro, and the melody.. keeps me at a moderate pace… also i love YOU WIN AGAIN” (click on titles to listen)… just for the beat (it is a love song i think). And of course my last 1/3 of my run music is when i have faster bpms that will psyche me up to maintaining my pace…

however, by the time i reached my 18km mark, soles of my feet started to sore… i would stop often to do some stretching. Up in my mind, i repeat over and over, “3 KMS LEFT, 3 KMS LEFT….” it IS a mind over matter game really.. by this time, i shut off my iPod to hear the cheerers as there were more of them at this point.. i smiled and waved and gave my thumbs up..

finally, crossing the race arch, i heard my name over the PA and that’s it!!! I FINISHED THE RACE :)… thank God!!! (unofficial time at 2:26:11, pace of 6:56 mins/km).. seeing Blynn at the finish line ahead of me, we gave each other a big bear hug and high fives… what a feeling! THANK YOU LORD FOR RUNNING WITH ME…




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