for a friend in need….

my mother had only a handful of really close friends… probably because she was busy taking care of us that her social life took a back seat like permanently… she spent time managing our family business in the mornings then taking her afternoon siesta then managing our family business again for the rest of the day.. i grew old seeing her in that routine, day in day out.. however, we had the chance to go out of town, head to the beach or go for joy rides, just with us, her family, and her loyal employees. in fact, it was rare occasion that we had parties at home, if we ever had those, guests would be, again, just us, her family, and her loyal employees,,, and an old friend, we call her Auntie Glo (for Gloria)..

Auntie Glo and my mother knew each other when i was not even born yet. She was my eldest brother’s nanny, turned house help, turned business assistant, turned business woman herself. She married a handsome man about 10 years her junior, who was working for the factory beside our house. they have been married for about 40 or 50 years and are still together despite ups and downs in marriage like normal. Auntie Glo and i have one thing in common, we are childless.

Many misunderstood her, especially her next of kin expected to love her as who she is. Probably because she’s got it made, and that she dictated most in their family affairs. She was able to have her spacious concrete house built out of hardwork.   When she was still well, each time we, my family, i.e., visit, she would light up all her chandeliers, bring out her best china, cook the best food she always prepared for us. on other days, her house is a lonely, empty house, with just the silent halls and walls, only thing you hear is her antique grandfather’s clock ticking…

We took Auntie Gloria and Uncle Tacio to be our wedding sponsors not only because she is more than like a relative but because i know that she will be there to be my mama’s friend until death do we all part. when she went to my mother’s funeral, she was crying like a little girl, asking my mother over and over, “why did you leave me behind?” (she is about 7 years older than my mother).. Sadly, Auntie Gloria, whom we jokingly called “faded glory”, started having dementia late 2010 and has since deteriorated slowly, that now, she is in and out of the hospital, according to my sister who keeps us updated of things going on back home.

i am thinking if i grow older, who will be kind enough to visit me? especially when i am ailing, aside from my sisters or brother, will there be my nieces or nephews? cousins? friends? it would be sad to think that no body would come and pay a visit… if only there is a chance for me to do it, i will try to visit Auntie Glo everyday, just to touch her hand, to sit beside her in silence, to share Bible stories and to let her know that God loves her and that she is never alone. But all i can do now is to pray for her.

sometimes i think it is good to share some of our time to uplift the spirits of those discouraged, or unhappy. i feel i was made happy by the Lord, not only for myself but to use it to share it with others.. with this in my mind now, it makes me want to meet people who may be needing a pat on the shoulder, a small prayer, or even a smile.. yes, i think i want to do that small act each day,, for Auntie Glo,, this is for you..

“We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.” -Romans 15:1-2



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