understanding others’ hurts…

let me share my thoughts on today’s devotional from Our Daily Bread by Cindy Hess Kasper titled “Fragile Loads” (click title to read)..

it is easier to judge people than really look behind those masked emotions and get to understand what they are going through… however, i hold on to what the bible says, “out of the heart, the mouth speaks” Luke 6:45.. more often, if a friend of mine speaks of good and pleasant things, i would say, she/he has a good heart… on the other hand, if all i hear is whining and or sadness, then perhaps pain and unhappiness is what is hidden in her/his heart.. but is that really how it works? do i pass judgment and declare my verdict and say,, she’s good or she’s not good for me?

i have a friend who is dear to me, we have lost touch and i have been trying to reach out again through emails and texts.. but it seemed to me that my friend is firm on closing the doors to let me in again.. it kept me thinking, was there something i did to hurt my friend? or something i missed doing to disappoint him? but unless my friend opens his heart to me, it is like the illustration in the devotional, i will not know what heavy load he carries right now that i only see what is seen on the surface..

before i feel the hurt or lose my patience, i pray for God to give me a more discerning heart, so that i can accept and understand with an open mind what load my brethren is carrying right now.. this way, PEACE will prevail and LOVE ensues, which then is, i am sure, what pleases God the most…

Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”


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