from GLOOM to BLOOM…

May 13th, Sunday,, HAPPY MOTHERS’ day..

almost the entire year last year, our lives were en-wrapped in gloom from the time Mama got hospitalized until she went to be with the Lord..

one year passed since our last Mother’s day with her, we all moved on for each of us in the family.. plans continued, dreams chased, smiles came back into each other’s faces, and yes, there is Mother’s day again… not only do we remember our own mother, but we also honor the mothers in the family, as well as all the Mothers in the world, those now taking the place to receive flowers, to have a lovely chat with, and share laughter with…

i feel it is apt that Mother’s day is celebrated during Springtime in some parts of the world,,, it makes the day more special for Moms… flowers abloom, greener trees, clearer skies… things are more positive and wonderful and hopeful… i feel that Mothers are special beings made by God, (with deference to Fathers), and for me,

my mother was like the flowers that brightened up the garden,

she was like trees so strong and sturdy that withstood the strongest current of trials in her life,

she was the clear sky that exuded positivism while she was the one taking care of all seven of us..


Happy Mother’s day to you Mama.. 🙂 and to all the Mothers of the world…

“Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Proverbs 31:31



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