good or bad, only God knows…

MARCH, 2012… start of things good and bad.. but who is to say what is good or bad for me but God only?

Though only 3 days passed but this month has brought some major changes already in Dersky’s and my life here…
First, we moved to our smaller suite effective March 01, which we prefer now, so it will prevent us from bringing in unnecessary things, furniture, what have yous (clutter i.e.) he he.

Then there’s Dersky’s new status, when he took his oath of citizenship last February 29th.

As for me, I am still a S.A.H.W. (stay at home wife)… I had one and only one job assignment that didn’t work out,, after an hour and 40 mins of still familiarizing myself with the job, I was told to go home, haha,,, firing me in less than two hours of work,, can you beat that? well, it’s okay, I now choose to laugh about it, because otherwise, it will be too depressing for me… life is too short to sulk, am i right??  🙂

As for my running, ran my first road run the other day when the sun was up, and checked out the area as i am new here, I felt really good. I would still want to continue doing this, though I terribly miss my running group back home in Marikina City , maybe in springtime I can start going to the oval again…

I got up early this morning to write down all my prayer and petitions, listed down ALL of prayer requests and thanksgiving. I have not been a good prayer warrior lately.. but God’s mercies are new every morning so there is hope everyday.

All in all, it trims down to how I will look at these things happening.. and yes, good or bad, only God knows.

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.



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