TURNING BACK TIME through modern tech….

i am currently a full time housewife to my Dersky while awaiting for a good job opportunity to find me haha. during my not-so-busy hours at home, which is more often than not, i get to browse through the internet for just about anything.

i remember a few years back, like 8 or so years ago, when my little Therese was still in my care, we both had the same routine of sleeping early, around 7 p.m. then getting up at 4 a.m. (actually she always woke me up). by then, i get to watch a very beautiful animated program titled “The Yearling” (click here for more info). it was on every morning that i was able to follow through the story. i loved it so much that it even had me crying (soppy!) the show is mainly about friendship, between Jody and Fodder-wing, between Jody and Flag, about family relationships, about death, about life’s ups and downs, and love of nature.

Source: Wikipedia

so thanks to modern tech, a good hearted person uploaded the episodes on youtube, like about 52 episodes!!!  i have plenty to watch. though i also miss my Bebeto (Therese), how we would just cuddle in bed watching each touching episode.

there were other programs i recently found that brought memories back from my youth, the situation comedies i grew up with, like “Who’s the Boss?” “Facts of Life” “Three’s Company” “It’s a Living” and the list goes on. plus the music!! music during my time was of course, speak for myself, way much more meaningful, easier to listen to, the ballads, the country music, and i can search for and listen to them with just a few clicks away!

though there is one thing i am happy to read/listen to all over again, it’s my Bible. how did modern tech come about? you see, i have trouble reading, as we age, our eyes cannot  handle too much reading (than watching, i.e. for me) so, i came up with using the audio bible via biblegateway.com. if you check it out, they have bible reading plans for the entire year. though i follow the Our Daily Bread Bible reading in one year schedule since i also use it as my daily devotional. so, with my audio bible, i can listen again to real stories that happened more than 2000 years ago. it is much like turning me back into time…

God graciously gave us these modern inventions to put to good use, and for these reasons, i love technology! how about you?

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” ~1 Corinthians 9:15



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