this morning i was reading Genesis 32 & 33, the story about the twins Jacob and Esau, whose relationship drifted apart at the start but in the end, they embraced each other with forgiving and humble hearts.

Jacob and Esau from the January 2002 Ensign Magazine, pg. 45

i couldn’t help but cry a little, as usual my being a cry baby prevailed. the story touched me so much as i remember my very own family relationships as well as other similar sibling stories or even husband and wife stories or friendship stories that gone sour and never been restored as God would always want relationships be.

you see, Esau is the more favored son of Isaac than Jacob, but Jacob on the other hand, is loved by his dear mother, Rebekah. (Genesis 25:27-28). this mostly is present in normal families, where mom loves little brother more than big sister or whatever similar. we cannot help it if rivalry will brew among the siblings, is it sumtimes the doings of parents? or is it plain pride between those in the relationship?

i have gone through (or is going through) similar situation with another in the family. this morning after reading this part of Genesis, i knelt down in prayer, asking God to forgive me, as always since i am the youngest, they say i should be the one to give in, for standing by my pride? or should i say standing by my own convictions??… he he.. but seriously, it takes so much to be humble and to learn to forgive and forget. i have specifically asked God to teach us to obliterate all hurts, anger, etc, we both may have kept in our hearts, i wish we will be like Jacob and Esau who, in the end, Jacob, being the younger twin, stooped down, like literally and in principle, towards Esau, who in turn welcomed his little brother with open arms and just forgotten the past..

but still,, i believe we are all a work in progress…



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