my year in review..

how did i do in 2011? hmmm let me see.

first and foremost, i am not a celebrity with happenings or fanfare that i will have so much of those,, just a couple of events or some will do,, but in my own simple storytelling, let me share them with you..

RUNNING : this year, i ran my 3rd and 4th 10 kms distance via the Stallion Run and the 3rd QC International Marathon.. what a great feeling!! knowing that at my age, a late bloomer in running at that, i can still do it! i was also able to do the Grouse Grind for the first time, which was a wonderful experience for me, hopefully many more climbs will come… i still love running,, i do pray running will love me until my feet can no longer touch the ground..


WORK : nothing exciting, except, work was still challenging for me as always,, i enjoyed working again for a former employer, and also, did the same things back home, faced the same challenges as they came… nothing much to write about work, same old, same old….

FAMILY : we all passed through grief, from the time Mama got hospitalized late March, until her last day on December 13. family relationships remained intact, despite the loss of the one who glued us together, we hope to remain in touch with each other, try to respect each other’s opinion,, and, plan to meet once every year either in our hometown or anywhere in the world that will be doable for all of us. also, it was my first time to spend Christmas away from Dersky,,, sad but thank God for giving me an understanding partner in life… i needed to bond with my family which rarely happens,, so all is well that ends well…

FAITH : did my faith in God ever waver in times of crises? all i know is that, i have learned to put my hands together more often now than before, i have relied more on God’s promises than my own, i don’t know if i have lead anyone to knowing the Lord, but, i did try… i have entrusted my life to Him, for the entire year of 2011, with some slips and falls, but got back easily, hoping to do better in 2012… nothing is too late for the Lord!!

so there,, life goes on and on… trials or triumphs,, i will remain the same, and then,,, i dont know what else is there, so i face each day as they come,,, keeping my faith… WELCOME 2012!! THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING!

“You crowned the year with Your bounty and goodness…” Psalm 65:11



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