Saturday beach day … :)

Saturday… went to the beach with friends… my first time here and it was nice, though i did not see the fine white sand i was expecting to see, it was still okay and i am happy Dersky and I decided to go.

the hosts brought their portable BBQ grill, we had BBQ burger, sausages, chicken wings, and liempo (pork belly-Dersky’s favorite)… the weather was perfect summer sunny clear sky day, like 24 to 26 degrees in the early afternoon, and that was what made it more fantastic!

Dersky with friends

back home, whenever we went out of town for summer, we used to grill by the beach, prepare everything we need, marinate the meat the night before, or stop by the local market to buy fresh seafoods, bring the grill, pots and pans, charcoal, etc etc.. however, in the recent pasts, we just got tired of cooking, the “organizers” of the trip and that included ‘ME’ as the leader, decided that, booking beach hotel rooms and eating restaurant food, and the rest of the time, relax and just enjoy the beach was a better option than having to stress myself thinking about what to prepare for meals and bring along the entire kitchen. good thinking huh? but a bit expensive.. however, it was what the trip was for, unwinding and have a stress free vacation hehe..

so, it is a little bit similar thing with life,, there are ways to prepare for our “long hauls”, either we choose to carry lots on our shoulders or just be ourselves and take a day at a time.

think about this: this Sunday morning, my pastor told of a story about a man walking by the roadside with a heavy load on his head when a pick up truck passed by. seeing the poor man with his heavy load, the driver gave him a ride at the back of his truck.. on his way to his destination, the driver checked on his passenger and saw on his rear view mirror the poor man sitting there with his heavy load still on his head… hmmm…

Me? I let Him take care of what i need for the “long haul”,, i am sure He will be there to carry my load. How about you?

“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and He will do this”.. Psalm 37:5



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