who am i?

just want to share with you this song by Casting Crowns.

it tells of how the Lord considers how special each one of us is.  we may be just a grain of sand or a speck of dust in the wind, but in God’s eyes, we are something to Him.

why do i say that? as the song goes,, it is not because of who i am, but it is because of what He has done for me.  i remember one time many years ago, having a conversation with a christian friend, i was still single then.  i told him, i do not think somebody will be willing to give up his or her life for me… and i threw back the question at him, would you die for anybody? he told me yes, he will die for his wife.

okay, so that time i didn’t understand yet as i was unmarried. but the thing is, i thought how fortunate his wife would be to have someone take his life for her..

but, without me knowing it then, someone ALREADY did die for me and that is my Lord and Saviour and FRIEND, Jesus Christ.  He died for my sins and carried my burdens.. why should i then worry about my life? He is there always and all the time. 🙂

thank You Lord Jesus, for all you have done for me and mankind.  You are so great and so powerful and Your name i lift up to Your Glory!




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