runnin’ in the rain…

FINALLY…. my friend registered me for the Xavier School’s Stallion Run this morning.
so, regrets no more, i woke up at 3:30 a.m. to gear up, get ready for the 4 a.m. assembly time. Since i am not familiar with Xavier School grounds, i chose to just leave early so i will be able to find me a good parking space.

why do i say ‘regrets no more’? ahem, remember the Run for Humanity? i was not able to run the event just because i chickened out due to the rains… but this time, i said to myself, rain or more rain, I WILL GO!!

before leaving house, i said a little prayer, giving thanks to Him who made this possible for me. i know there was a reason why i did not run the last time, but only God knows what it was, but for sure it was for my good, as always.

so, i am just so glad i did go and finish my 4th 10km race of my life. the route was of course around Greenhills, i never realized it is also an uphill / downhill run that made me walk a LOT he he.. but though i did finish at a slow time of 1:30, was soaking wet, my running shoes and all, i was happy. thank You Lord Jesus!

Allyn, registered for 21km run.. that turned out to be 24 kms i think… thanks to you, Allyn.



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