I called up the airline company yesterday morning to move my flight to a later date… in less than ten minutes, i got connected,  a reservations officer was on the other end, and yes, there was one and only one seat left open on the date i intend to travel, got my booking confirmed and my e-ticket emailed to me… HOLY SPIRIT WORKING!

I was on the verge of depression last weekend due to some unfortunate events,, but i was able to snap out of it easily…which resulted in a great birthday weekend… HOLY SPIRIT WORKING!

I was offered a one year job last January, but something was telling me not to accept it, lest i will miss coming home to see my mom awake… HOLY SPIRIT WORKING!

and many times, i am about to talk maliciously about someone, which i know happens to all of us, then i just pause and re-think before i open my mouth… HOLY SPIRIT WORKING!

oh, no, no, i am no saint, but i feel the Holy Spirit working on me whenever a situation calls for His presence. They say there are no coincidences in life and i believe so, everything is planned for by God and that we are watched closely whether we do this or that…

in most anything i do, i ask the Holy Spirit to guide me, lead me to the right path, to stop me when i am about to do something not pleasing to Him, to clear my thoughts from anything that would hinder me from doing the right thing… and most of all, to teach me to humble myself enough to admit my sins and acknowledge His presence in my life and believe you me, it really works. there are times things seem not to be working right, but really they are.. it’s the HOLY SPIRIT WORKING!!!



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