turning my sadness into joy :)

have you heard of the phrase “a series of unfortunate events”?

i felt i was experiencing it, when first, signs of bad weather woke me at 1:30 a.m. on the day i so looked forward to having, as part of celebrating my birthday weekend, the day of Run for Humanity event.

i know i have two handfuls of teenagers (all girls, some are minors) supposed to be running with me, and i did not want to take responsibility for whatever may happen to them if i insist on having them run despite the rainy morning.

second, i have already ordered breakfast of porridge and vegetable springrolls for the girls as well as participating MSP runner friends after they cross the finish line as my treat. but since i have decided not to go, though regretfully, i ended up with a cauldron full of porridge which to my taste was cooked terribly 😦 it tasted sooooo bad that everything went down the drain to my utmost dismay…

i cried in my room just because, my plans did not work out well… then, sure enough, the devil lurking here and there looking for opportunity to put me down, was successful in doing so, as i dwelt in depression this morning. i thought of the many other unfortunate / sad events in my life that happened / happening recently, like my mom’s condition, my birthday without her greeting me with a smile, my scheduled departure in a week’s time, and many other things that i have forgotten already came back to haunt me…

but surely the Lord loves me so, He knows when i needed Him the most. there was no way He will allow loneliness to rule my heart. since it was church day, i prepared myself to attend the morning service. i am happy i have my very own church family. We had a wonderful Father’s day message from our dear Pastor Elson and after the service, i brought some misua (noodles) for thanksgiving, and the congregation sang for me the birthday song, and Pastor Elson led a sending off prayer for me. what a relief..






in the afternoon, i went to see Mama, who is now in my Atsi’s (elder sister’s) home since Saturday, thank God!!  spent the early afternoon with her, told her about my day, but of course, the good stuff only 🙂  and i kissed and kissed and kissed her…

but it’s not over yet.

come evening, i went to watch my nieces’ basketball games, their last and final chance to get the 3rd place, and we made it 73-59!!! i now almost lost my voice cheering for them but it was all worth it. i came home with a changed heart… my sadness turned to JOY once more..

yes, mama is still unawake, but with God so sovereign, i can rest my weary heart and mind on Him.
now, time to sleep.. tomowwow is a new day, my birthday 😀

You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
LORD my God, I will praise you forever.   ~
Psalm 30:11-12



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