Have you heard of the bible story about David and Goliath?
This morning, it is the story I read from my favorite daily devotional, Our Daily Bread, where David, the small shepherd boy, defeated the Philistine, Goliath, with just a small smooth stone using his slingshot and caused the giant’s downfall. It all happened in 1 Samuel 17, i suggest you read about it.
Pondering on today’s reading, i took my journal and started writing down the GOLIATHS in my life, meaning, what are the issues i have that seem to be overwhelming for a David, like me, but is conquerable by my faith. Hmmm,, wrote down first issue, Mama’s condition,,,,, wrote down second issue, my financial needs,,, then, my third,,,,,, nothing else to write?
Unlike when i attempted to write down the things i should thank God for where i did not finish the list as it was really endless, here, i got only two things for now. Is this good or bad?
Good because, i feel God’s presence in my life that any Goliaths can be toppled with Him as my shield and armour. Bad because, there might be something coming that i am not aware of, but again, with God by my side, anything is conquerable.
As David said in this chapter: “THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S.. (v.47), so it should also be in my everyday struggles, i surrender everything to Him and He shall do the rest for me.
What about you? Do you have Goliaths in your life? if so, would you run away or face them with faith like David’s? I suggest you list down all of them and ask God to help you overcome these ugly giants in your life.
John 15:7  “But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted.”

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