rainy days and warm days…

i thought springtime will bring me more sunshine and warmth after weeks of waiting for its arrival….
today, it is a really wet monday, very chilly outside and there’s nothing else to do but finish my chores here in the comforts and warmth of my home.

it is almost the way i feel right now, i feel warm, secured and peaceful, but i feel a tinge of coldness lingering around me, maybe it is because i miss my family back home, and right now, my dearest mother is in the ICU, though she is already out of critical condition, thank God. times like these, i draw my strength from the Holy Spirit, and there, too, is my belief that nothing stays permanent…… change is definite,, so, that is something i can look forward to in getting up every morning,, i try to practice optimism as much as i can, looking at the glass half filled.

tomowwow will be another day, things will be different from today, perhaps, the sun will be up? but whatever kind of day it will be, good or bad,, only God knows, and in Him, i give my trust.

“But if we look forward to something we don’t have yet, we must wait patiently and confidently.”
Romans 8:25 NLT



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