just another valentine’s…

1 Corinthians 13:13  “…. and the greatest of these is LOVE….”

Valentine’s day…


imagine the world without LOVE.
imagine our nation without LOVE.
imagine our neighbourhood without LOVE.
imagine our HOMES without LOVE.
imagine our selves without LOVE.

can you? i can’t. my world is full of LOVE. i thank GOD that HE has taught me how to LOVE and share with my friends, family, sometimes even mere acquaintances, i have the capacity to LOVE them, believe you me!!! er.. frenemies? well, He did say LOVE our enemies, so,,  i also try to love them hehehe..

so why do i say, it’s just another valentine’s? yes it is, this day February 14, comes and goes. but LOVE remains. in the very first place, LOVE is symbolized by our HEARTS… which gives us LIFE, without it, we are dead people. cold.

no LOVE, no LIFE…. as long as we have LIFE, there is reason to LOVE…




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