two weeks passed since i arrived…
weather has not been permissive for me to have a jog/run outside. we have been having wet snow,, drizzle,, or just dark cloudy wintry weather… what else to do but fix up my clutter i brought from home and those already here that need re-inspecting either to dispose or to keep.. and of course, what else but to browse the web on which run event will be a good target for me hehehe, and VOILA!!! VANCOUVER,, HERE I COME…
but i am still thinking about it, God willing, and it is still a long way from today, and many things will still happen, you know me, the ever fickle minded person like a chameleon, and blah blah,, (excuses).. hehehe i guess i’m on my own now, no Allyn, no MSP runners support… 😦  oh well…
event is on April 17th, though registration is now open. i intend to join the 10km distance.. my 4th attempt to run the distance and my first time in downtown Vancouver.. notwithstanding my Terry Fox Run way back 2008,
Garry Point Park, Steveston
where i joined the 5kms distance. it was held here in Richmond, and is a charity run really. (Terry Fox Runs are held in most different cities simultaneously, as a fund raiser for Cancer research, every second Sunday after Labor Day and also in other parts of the world), so the atmosphere was more of a family fun run with the local school’s cheering squad cheering for participants.
read more about TERRY FOX here  /  TERRY FOX RUN here.
keep you posted!
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
~Psalm 73:26

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