my testimony 2010..



following was my testimony shared on December 19, 2010, Sunday…at UECG-Metro East


I received the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Saviour on April 21, 1991, almost 20 years ago. How am I now as a Christian?

It has been a rollercoaster ride for me with my Christian maturity. As you know we all live in this world, full of testings here and there. They say it’s not right to use “we’re only humans” as an excuse for all our pitfalls. Indeed we are just humans, but does that excuse me from allowing myself to do things not pleasing to my Lord and Saviour?

I remember in 1997, we were in our 4th year of marriage, still childless. I was a good Christian, meaning, i did my best to resist things that this world can offer. However, we were experiencing financial crisis in the business, which i blamed for my stressful life then, so i had a reason why we didnt have kids. I didnt recognize God’s plans nor sought for His wisdom to help me handle my personal life and the business, which was something really overwhelming for me, since that time, my mother had her stroke, it was as if my business partner died and there was no one to turn to. My eldest brother, “AHIA” had his issues then, was never the Ahia who would help me in all our business troubles. He died in `99 with cirrhosis of the liver, at the very young age of 46 years old, because alcohol was his daily dose to forget all his family troubles.

Now this time, the enemy already had his foothold on my life when i told myself,, “wait a minute LORD, are you just going to watch over there and never do anything to save me from all these?” yes, i thought, He is just there, not doing anything… so, i put Him aside and did things which i thought is what i ought to be doing, anyway, He will not do anything to me, much like He never did anything when i needed help.

All of us have different chapters in our lives. The story I just shared was only one of the many happenings in my life. Now, a new chapter unfolded early this year, when sometime in February this year, a couple i didnt recognize came knocking at the gate of my home. I said at the start, GOD works in ways we cannot see. Yes he really does. I was already loving my mega church, where I know I grew spiritually, although there was really no “personal touch” and for some reasons, I cannot bring my mother there to worship with me. I attempted to join their D-groups, but it was easy to find an excuse to postpone it…

Anyway, back to the couple who visited our home, they were Pastors Elson and Daisy. I welcomed them in my empty living room (due to ondoy), and there, God continued His work on me. It was the right timing because i was already planning to have a bible study in our office. So, bible studies we did have, until now, and hopefully to continue even after i leave with my husband in January back to Canada where we have been trying to start a new life. It was sad for me to leave my mega church at first, but, God changed my heart and put it where it should be, here at UECG Metro East.

I never expected myself to get involved in many activities, all first time for me for the past 20 years I was a Christian – gospel sharing at Amang Rodriguez Hospital, facilitating “Purpose of Christmas” small group in my office with a friend’s family, and later this afternoon, the outreach program to the poor. . In just a short 10 months, I now consider this church as my family church 🙂

So, guess what, I am so thankful to God that every day, I commit my life to HIM, I thank Him endlessly because in all my life, He has been with me during those times of emptiness and fulness.  We are still childless, but I now know they are all part of His plans for me. If you feel He is so far away from you, you are mistaken, He works in ways we cannot see. He wants us to be still and wait on Him.

“God will make a way, where there seems to be no way,
He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me….” ~ DON MOEN



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