my weekend of firsts… (part 1)


 our church invited ventriloquists from Texas, U.S.A. for a program entitled “HALLOW NIGHT OR FRIGHT NIGHT” last Saturday at 8pm. unfortunately, i wouldnt be able to watch their presentation as we have family affair also going on at the same time… the first 18th birthday to celebrate in my sister’s family.

i thought it was my chance to watch the puppet show when Pastor Jo invited us to join them at 3pm when they go visit a local government hospital for an outreach activity.

 to my surprise, i was in for something new, my first time to evangelize / share the gospel with patients / patients’ families. it turned out that the trip to Amang Rodriguez Hospital was an outreach activity with the puppet to cheer up the Pediatric Ward of the hospital, no puppet shows whatsoever boohoo he he.

i have never done any evangelizing before so while i shared with “Gina”, i was, in my mind, asking God to guide me as to what to say, how to share the gospel. questions hung in my mind, ‘what if she rejects me, what if she starts blaming God for her 2 month old baby’s illness?’ But thank God, she understood what i was sharing. i am not sure of her relationship with the Lord, but i do hope i did something there, with the Lord’s help, that made her understand more about salvation and the way to her eternal glory.

i was really glad i joined, it was a baptism of fire for me. but as they say practice makes perfect, so i guess i should do it more often so next time sharing the good news will be as easy as A-B-C for me, with the Lord’s help as always.

Metro East family

(to be continued…)


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