i am blessed!!!!

today being a holiday, i had the chance to relax, prepare myself for a good early evening run.  I was in the mood to finish 5kms without timing myself, just build up endurance as part of my training for my dream 10km run, and finish i did,, before the rain poured, that was a blessing!

this morning, i had the chance too to see my high school friends again.. we had pictorial for a coffee table book where our batch will have an inspiring article there chosen from among many other entries, to be published by our alma mater for her 75th year anniversary next year. it was indeed a privilege and rare chance to be in it… what a blessing again!!!

now, i think each time someone asks me how i am, instead of just saying ‘I’m fine”… i would rather say ‘OH, I AM BLESSED!’… I already did a few times and it made the person who asked smile :),,, not that i wanted to brag about me being so blessed, it is more about being a good witness of God’s graciousness so people will BELIEVE in HIM.


John 1:16 (NIV)
From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.



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