MAY 30

4 a.m. got up to get ready for my 4th run event this year, the NATURE VALLEY RUN.   I am running 5kms with my 4 beeeautiful nieces and some friends, hoping to beat my P.R. of 32 minutes from my 3rd Mizuno Race.  

5:40 a.m. gunstart for 5km runners. Around 5 minutes into the run, i was sweating profusely due to the hot and humid weather, despite the fact the sun was not up to its full glare yet and to the effect that my earphones conked out on my 4km mark because of my perspiration.  Hmmm, i do not believe it was hot flush hehe, no, not yet i hope. 


Sadly, i finished at 35.53 minutes.  But it’s all right, the day isn’t over yet, and there will be other days to do better. I still L-O-V-E running.


 8 a.m. left the running venue, after waiting for my friends, Allyn and Benson, who both ran the 21km distance, for photo ops with them.

  Atom, Allyn’s pride, got his baptism of fire, finishing his very first half marathon! Auntie Lugs is so proud of you!

Unexpectedly too, saw my other friend i met at the Mizuno run clinic last year,    Roselle (running diva – good to see her again..

Other snapshots:


1:15 p.m. left home with my nieces and my sister to meet up with Lift-a-Heart Foundation organizers/members for our trip to COTTOLENGO FILIPINO, the orphanage for special children, my second time, the group’s first time.  We were 4-car convoy, from our meeting place to Rodriguez Rizal, took us around 45 minutes travel time. 

3 p.m. arrived COTTOLENGO and unloaded our donations of rice, cooking oil, powdered milk, diapers, medicated soap, vitamins, sugar, courtesy of LIFT-A-HEART foundation, as Father Julio, the chaplain in charge, entertained Lift-a-Heart members, touring them around the facility and introducing the kids to them.


4 p.m. we finished having merienda with the kids, who, in their innocence, were all happy to be with visitors, in the place they call their HOME.

We left COTTOLENGO by 5 p.m, all tired but with hearts and spirit lifted up…. 🙂

 Photos below courtesy of JiMmY LiN 🙂

It was a long but fulfilling day for all of us. For me, I ran in the morning and lifted the hearts of children in the afternoon, both good exercises, one physical, the other spiritual.  These made my ordinary Sunday an extraordinary one!  I thank God for Lift-a-Heart group, for their enthusiasm to share what they are blessed with! 

Oh, and there’s another thing before i forget, because i ran, a tree will be planted back to nature! (

“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.” (2 Corinthians 9:11)






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