Dear Ma,

Happy Mothers’ Day to you…

Staring at my keyboard, i browse through my brain for the best, nicest words i want to say to you…

i have nothing much in monetary possessions to share with you.. all i have is…. ‘ME’ to give to you.. 



i am sorry if i get impatient if i yell whenever we talk because you are hard of hearing due to your diabetes,

i am sorry if i forget to include you in my times of joys and times of sorrows,



i am sorry if i cannot give you ALL the comforts in life,   






 but i thank God that our bedrooms are beside each other, so i can easily peek and see how you are.



thank you for choosing to come back to my house if i am around,

thank you for giving me all ang-paos (red envelopes) that you get,

(Ooops, that’s supposed to be our secret!)




thank you for teaching me to do simple business, for the courage to just go and do what i can, for inspiring me despite you never had a degree, i am a B.S. degree holder, but you are still my consultant in many business deals i cannot handle…

thank you for feeling sad if i am not around…

i pray to God that He will give you healthier life, so that we can still see each other everyday, haha..

is all..

love you ma.


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