AVER or AVOW????

another thing i love the most to pass my time is solving crossword puzzles…
there are easy, medium, hard, expert levels.  now, easy is easy for me,, medium is okay, hard and expert, well, if they don’t put me to sleep, why bother answering them?? haha,,
the two words that i always answer interchangeably are: AVER and AVOW.  


in case you want to know,,, here are their definitions:
AVER- to state categorically
AVOW-to declare openly
hmmmm,, i can see the thinline difference between the two but only if i put them side by side.  now, if the puzzle asks for only one of them, that’s where my confusion begins…
to make things easier for me, i took out the root words from each of them so it will be easier to remember, i hope.. 
for AVER – i know in spanish the word VERdad means truth,, therefore, aver touches more about truthfulness of something or to attest to the truth of something..
for AVOW – i just remember my wedding VOWs, :) where i stated something firmly and openly (meaning, in public, i.e.) 
same thing happens in my real life.  there are instances where options are laid out in front of me, sometimes limited, sometimes a LOT of confusing choices.  i do not know which one would be the best because, side by side, each option looks promising not knowing still what lies beyond choosing that option.
it is a puzzle not knowing what the future has for me, but so unlike the puzzle, where i can easily rely on my good ol’ correction tape,, changing the ‘E’ & ‘R’ of ‘AVER’ to ‘O’ & ‘W’ of ‘AVOW’, once i have made my choice, that’s it, i will have to face the consequence, be it good or bad, only God knows.                               
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