If life would be as easy as tapping the keyboard whenever we make mistakes, probably we would be in a better state.
say:  we chose the wrong career path but realized it only when we are in a rut, CLICK ‘UNDO’
or  we did something not so nice against someone, and regretted that we did, CLICK ‘BACKSPACE’
that would be easy!
However, it does not work that way, sad to say.  Once it happened, time will never be turned back, damage has been done, so to speak.  Even if we go through deja vu on the same situation, still you will not know that it would ever happen until it’s been done. there’s no turning back, no matter how remorseful you become, time stands still because you try to salvage what can still be done to correct the mistake, but nothing changes… it already happened.
When these things happen to me, there is always one thing that gives me assurance that whatever i have done wrong will be ‘UNDONE’ or ‘DELETED’, and that is through ‘CONFESSION’.  Admittance of guilt is the easiest way to blot out my mistake.  Unless i do admit my faults, it will stay on and eat me up…  if there is a way to make reparations to the someone i did wrong to, then i will have to do it.  
For this i can say, my ‘UNDO’ or ‘BACKSPACE’ button is held by my Lord Jesus, Who lifts me up in my time of remorse, and erases away all my guilt and mistakes, as long as in my heart i am sincere and whatever it is He plans for me, i shall accept it. 
“The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking; he rescues those who are humbly sorry for their sins” (Psalms 34:18)

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