I have no entry for the past week, though it has been a good busy week for me.

My week began last Tuesday, i met up with Father Tex, my sister-in-law’s long time friend from medical school, and who to me is a stranger, and who is at this very moment entering a new phase in his life as an ordained priest (Ordination to the Presbyterate – The Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus – Jesuits).

We had a good 30 minute chat at the lobby of Loyola House of Studies.   One thing i learned from him is “try to bring out the God-liness in someone rather than pushing the someone to know HIM”,, i cannot explain it clearly but i get what he meant by that.  We shared about the fruits of the spirit, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, AND SELF-CONTROL (Galatians 5:22,23), how these would exude once we have the Holy Spirit in our lives….  To Father Tex, though i wasn’t able to take our photo (i was shy hehe,,, ) nor give him my blogsite, I pray for the Lord to keep him in His care today and always.

Wednesday night, i got to meet another  ‘stranger’, Robinson (didn’t get his complete name). 

I would often see him run at the oval during my practice runs, and just admire him from afar and his endurance.  Last Sunday after the Mizuno run, while browsing through all the photos taken by my sister, i saw him in some of those, he was amidst the crowd, and thought of having copies printed for him as a gift.  I then went to the oval and approached him, introduced myself and handed him the photos.  I feel good doing that to strangers, hehe,, he thanked me so much for the photos, asked me a few things, and off he went to run again.. He got a place in Age Category for 5kms! I hope it will be a start of a nice friendship and a “boost” to my running “career” hahahaha…  To Robinson, a.k.a. Benson, keep on runnin’!!!

Come Friday, we had our nth session of BIBLE STUDY at work, Praise God for this opportunity!  For the first time, Kuya Obeng, my brother-in-law, joined us and had a one-on-one session with Pastor Elson, while the Pastor’s wife, Daisy, handled our group’s B.S.  My mother was there, too, and so, it was all a family affair!

Today, being a Saturday, I am here at home, just taking my time to look back at  my past week, how the Lord has been with me through each day, giving me opportunity to manifest His presence in my life, though many times i do it crudely without the intention of hurting anyone… I pray, though, that He continues to use me as an instrument for others to know Him and have the best kind of peace they have never experienced! 🙂

“LORD, may I be a shining light for all the world to see, Your goodness and Your love displayed, as You reach out through me.” – Sper (from Our Daily Bread – Daily Devotional April 17, 2010)


Post Script to my running results.. a different name was recorded under my race bib number which registered my correct official time of 32 mins. which places my rank at 613/1858! so,, that’s fine with me now..  🙂


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