Oooops, i did it again…

I was excited for this particular race because first, my 2 nieces, angel and aileene,  joined me again, after a long time of wishing that they would do so, second, my gym trainer, erick, also joined us, then i had the chance to “show off” a little of my, ahem,, prowess? Despite the age?? Hahaha,, what is age anyways, it’s just a number! Hmph!

 My dear friend and mentor and coach and pusher, ALLYN, was not able to register for the event but nevertheless went there just so we can have our 3rd Mizuno photo op, i was so touched.  Unfortunately, due to “unplanned” plans, if i should call them that, we were not able to find each other which made me really, really sad, missing the opportunity for a souvenir shot.  She ran with the 15kms. group so by the time she reached finish line, i was already on my way home. 😦

But on the other hand, i am glad to share the news that i have my new P.R. in the unofficial time of 31.31 minutes, almost 2 minutes faster than my last run, where i timed 33.29. 

(fresh from the press: i received an email from the race director giving me my official time at 44.15 with a pace of 8:51, big difference from what my timer watch says, hmmm,, so.. what now, coach???  coach says: stick to my own unofficial time! he he)

The slogan for Mizuno Infinity run says “NEVER SETTLE”…

Sometimes, I tend to become what my mom would call  a “contented cow” whenever I do things in mediocrity.   Though i know i put my heart and all into my running, there are still incidents that i regretted that i walked too much, instead of keeping my running pace or slowed down too much.  Am i being a contented cow?  Did i settle too soon with my time?

Oh well, i don’t know if my running parallelizes with the way i run my life. All i know is i am easily contented as long as i am happy, though there may actually be some regrets in the process, but still end up victorious knowing that i have finished something in my own way, could be easily or painfully,  without hurting anyone, and in whatever capacity i can. That’s settled.

“Godliness with contentment is great gain”     ~1 Timothy 6:6


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