Anybody who can tell me they told a lie and got away with it, PLEASE STAND UP!

I finished a book a friend gave me, a book by MITCH ALBOM, “HAVE A LITTLE FAITH” and in it was a story about the farmhand who was said to be sleeping during a storm, just because he knew what he had to do to keep things in order before the storm arrives.

It is so true to say that in order to be out of trouble is to stay out of trouble and do things the right way in the very first place. The reverse is so happening to me now. YAIKS! I am reaping what i have sown.

Uhm-uhm, can’t tell you what or when or why or how , it’s between HIM and me… and my DERSKY (dear hubby) and a few trusted people hehehe (my co-horts?).

Okay, nothing to laugh about.  Do not worry for me please, i try to believe that it is part of the process of honing my character, it’s like, i imagine the LORD JESUS, working, whittling me, and saying “this should be sharpened, this should be curved, this should be here, this should not be here, she should have this, and that… etc”, until an almost perfect image of myself is created.

So, i humble myself, admit my mistakes, accept my weakness, ask for forgiveness, and need to atone myself. This way, next time i try to do things, i better do it the right way, so i can sleep “through the storm”.

PROVERBS 3: 6 “In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”





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