Sunday!!!  it will be my second race to join this year… MIZUNO INFINITY RUN 2010,,, the first was CONDURA RUN 2010 last February 07, 2010, which i did fairly well, beat all my previous times, which was really an achievement for me!! I even got my one and only, first and only medal in my life hehe…

RANK             BIB #     NAME      S     TIME

109/1196      20309      LUGS     F   00:33:29

On April 11, 2010 Sunday 6 a.m. gunstart for MIZUNO RUN.. This will be my third MIZUNO sponsored run.  As a matter of fact, my very very first run was with Mizuno, when my dearest friend Allyn introduced me to this enjoyable sport!  The year was 2008.
      (from www.mizuno.ph )
2 years and many many runs thereafter,,, i still run the 5km distance..   i know, i know.. you would say,, why i never moved on to running the next challenge, which is 10kms? or even 15kms?
Well, a lot of newbies like me before have already moved on to longer distances, some even ran the full marathon already… and i am super proud of them… and that’s fine with me, i am happy with what i am doing, all races i’ve joined in have always been a challenge for me, even though it’s only for 5kms.  Whatever i can do, i owe it all to my Creator, who sent me Allyn, who shared her time with me to experience all these.. 🙂  
so,, looking forward to finishing my nth race this Sunday.. whether or not i beat my best time… will keep you posted and watch out for it..
“The secret to finishing well is to look forward to the joy that awaits us after life’s race—eternal life with Him.  — C. P. Hia”  (from Our Daily Bread – Daily Devotional September 01, 2009)

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