getting ready…

honk honk!!right now is 20 mins.  to 12 mn and finally, it’s April, 2010..

Tomowwow, something good is happening…

going to Cottolengo Filipino, the orphanage for special children, located in Montalban (Rodriguez) Rizal, Philippines.  This is my “act of penance”, my way of returning back to my Lord and Savior, what He blessed me with.. though I cannot share much as of this time,, but,, i try..

wish me luck and keep me in your prayers..

it will be a long ride from Marikina to Montalban,, long ride to think about many things, about why do i want to do this, how am i gonna do this, and what is it that made me do this,,

i will know tomowwow.. wait for it.



2 thoughts on “getting ready…

  1. di ko po alam kung ano mga sasabihin ko kc dami ko po gusto sabihin.pero sobrang proud po ako n ikaw ang naging boss ko…actually i am at my lowest point of my life right now kaya medyo mahirap mag react.baka mawala ako s topic…hahahah joke.well gustoo ko nga sumama sana jan kaso la po kami sasakyan.matagal ko n rin po nag balak n mag project ng ganyan pero di ko masimulan…maybe bcoz sa family ko pa lang eh……u know what i mean..:)yung tanong nyo n bakit mo gusto gawin yan at bakit mo gagawin isa lang po ang ibig sabihin nun para s kin…the lord touches ur heart to do it.coz this institutions need people who can help them even in their smallest way to give love and care for this children…touch ako sa ginawa nyo boss at naiinggit….coz i really wanna do that too…but….maybe in some other ways i can still reach out..i hope so…may our lord give u more blessings to share…love u boss…GOD BLESS US ALL!

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